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Featured Book of March

Too Big To Fail:
Olympia & York: The Story Behind the Headlines

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By Walter Stewart, $34.95, published by Beard Books October 2000

The astonishing story of the rise, fall, and revival of the Reichmann family fortunes.

This is the amazing account of the Reichmann family who escaped from Nazi-occupied Hungary in World War II to become listed in Fortune magazine in 1991 as the fourth richest in the world. Their flagship company, Olympia and York, was deemed "too big to fail" by the Wall Street Journal; but it did fail. In a clear and often humorous way, this book chronicles the disaster, the restructuring process, and the astonishing rise of Reichmann International from the ashes of the predecessor company.

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Featured Book of April

A Life of George Westinghouse

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By Henry G. Prout, $34.95, published by Beard Books October 2001

An impressive record of the scientific and business aspects of George Westinghouse's career.

This penetrating biography of George Westinghouse is a testimony to one of the greatest inventors of the last half of the nineteenth century and the first part of the twentieth century. He was a prolific inventor, filing for 400 patents in 48 years. What is most significant is that he was primarily interested in fundamental things that would advance civilization, particularly the evolution of transportation and the manufacture of power. His contributions to the field of transportation included the air brake, power signaling and switching, and the friction draft gear. In the field of energy, he developed the use of alternating current for the transmission and employment of electrical energy. He was the founder of Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company.

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Featured Book of May

Mr. Baruch

[ ]
By Margaret L. Coit, $34.95, published by Beard Books December 2000

Bernard Baruch gave this Pulitzer Prize author free access to the vast collection of papers covering his career, making this book his definitive biography.

Mr. Baruch is the story of Bernard M. Baruch, one of the most famous American financiers of the first half of the 20th century. Although he never held elective office, he was an advisor to six presidents. This carefully researched biography covers all the important aspects of his career.

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