BUY NOWHas one of your books on or related to business history gone out-of-print? Does it still have sufficient value or interest to be back in wide circulation, particularly if updated by an author's note to a reprint edition? Beard Books, a robust publisher and aggressive marketer of reprint editions as well as front list books on business, law and health care, might well be interested in exploring a reprint endeavor with you. A reprint is published as a high-quality paper trade publication. A newly designed cover is added, highly acclaimed by our authors and especially attractive to readers. Just a few of the eminent works in the field reprinted by Beard Books include: Gerald Gunderson's An Entrepreneurial History of the United States; John Hood's The Heroic Enterprise: Business and the Common Good; and Thomas DiBacco's Made in the USA: The History of American Business. For a complete look at the extensive, quality library of Beard Book offerings, see For more details, and to explore a reprint undertaking, contact Nina Novak at



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